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Rent the best LEGO® sets and save money

Spend good time for little money with the best models from LEGO®, Mould King, Cada & Co.

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Why brictric

Why buying things? What’s the charm of larger, more complex brick sets from LEGO®, Mould King, CaDA & Co? It’s the “building things” experience that gives us pleasure. It’s about seeing your model “come to life”, testing the functions and having a result that gives you pleasure. In a word:

Focusing on the building experience

Save money
and have fun

Brick sets from LEGO® & Co are becoming more expensive. Instead of building such an expensive set once and then letting it gather dust on the shelf, you can rent your desired model from brictric, save money and enjoy again with every rental.

Just a few clicks
to the booking

Renting a set from brictric is very easy. Visit our Shop, choose your desired set, select your rental period and off you go. Here you will find everything in one place, from searching for the set to fixing your booking of your rental.

Without subscription,
flexible like you

You don’t have to register and you don’t have to go for a subscription to use our services. You just rent your favorite sets when and how long you want without going into a long-term commitment. This is how you stay flexible.

A sustainable

With brictric you make a small contribution. The plastic parts are reused in a cycle and give pleasure and fun to many people. This is better than storing them in your basement without using them.

Our Rental Sets

How brictric works


Browse and select

Visit the shop and browse our great sets. Select your set, the rental period and date. The availability of each set is visible immediately. The rental price is calculated immediately, too. The shipping costs include sending the set to you and back to us.


Receive your set

On the first day of your rental you will receive the set from us sent to your address. The set comes in a sturdy box disassembled into its individual parts. The parts are packed separately by color in bags. Of course you will also receive the building instructions and a return label.


Build and have fun

Simply enjoy the building experience as you watch your set growing part by part and testing the functions. The building instructions make it easy, even as a beginner you can manage most of the sets.


Return the set

Disassemble the set in time towards the end of your rental and send it back to us latest on the last day. When disassembling, please make sure you separate all parts by color again, use the same bags and put the return label on the shipping box, in which you received the set.