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Worth knowing and rental rules

Rent / Duration of rents

The minimum rental period of a set is one calendar week. You can always book whole calendar weeks. The maximum rental period is 6 weeks.

When booking, we ask for some personal data. This data will only be passed on to third parties if this is necessary for processing (e.g. payment service providers and parcel delivery companies).

Each rental can start at the earliest 3 working days after the current date.

Upon completion of the rental, you will receive a confirmation email from us with all important information such as the rental period, the set and the rental price.

Delivery/return (countries)

Currently, brictric delivers to Austria and Germany. The destination country is selected during the booking process.

The price for the delivery includes the delivery to you and the return to brictric.

For free return to brictric, please use the enclosed return label.

Gift vouchers (“Gutscheine”)

Logo Voucher

Gift your loved ones with vouchers (“Gutschein”) from brictric. There are different vouchers worth 10 to 50 EUR availabale in our shop. Each voucher can be applied to the rental of any available set.

Procedure and conditions: After purchasing a voucher, you will receive a personal discount code worth the value of the voucher within 24 hours after receipt of payment, which can be applied once to any rental of a set. Combination with other promotions and discount codes is excluded.

Value packages (“Vorteilspakete“)


In case you are interested in renting several sets, the tric3 value package (“Vorteils-Paket”) is the right one for you. For only 99 EUR, you can rent three different sets of your choice in a 4-months duration. In other words: unlimited building fun for less than 25 EUR per month. All-in.

Terms and conditions: After purchasing this value package in the shop, you will receive your personal discount code within 24 hours after receipt of payment, which you can use a maximum of three times on a rental within a period of 4 months after purchase. When using the discount code, you pay nothing for the respective rental and delivery.

A maximum of one set and a maximum of 6 weeks rental period are allowed per rental booking, the deposit gets fully applied. The option “Dismantle/dismount by brictric” must be purchased separately if desired and may not be booked as part of this value package. Combination with other promotions, vouchers and discount codes is excluded.

Sets delivery

brictric will hand over your delivery package to its parcel service provider in good time so that the rental set reaches you on the first day of the rental period at the latest. If you receive the rental set before the start of the rental period, the rental period will not be adjusted. These additional days will not be charged by brictric.

brictric delivers its packages in a Euro box with a lid:

The lid of the box is additionally sealed with cable ties. This ensures that the parts dont get lost or damaged during transport. This box is the property of brictric. Please use this box again at the end of the rental period when you return the rental set to brictric. Use the cable ties provided to reseal the box before handing it over to the parcel service.

Rental extension

In case the rental period is not long enough, for whatever reason, you can extend the rental online. The prerequisite is that the set is available, otherwise unfortunately brictric has to insist on receiving the set back on time.

You can buy extension days flexibly as long as the rental period is not yet over. To do so, use the link in the text message that you received from us on your mobile phone at the start of the rental.

Rental period recommendation

We recommend a rental period in weeks (e.g. 2-3 weeks) for each set in the shop. This recommendation is based on our experience how long it takes to assemble a model and then spend some time and enjoyment with it. You can follow this recommendation, but of course you don’t have to. You can rent for a shorter or longer period.

Assembly and building instruction

The building instructions are an important part of a set and included with every rental. For LEGO® models, you can also access building instructions online at

Always follow the building instructions so that you can enjoy the building and using of the finished set. Please take good care of the instructions so that the next customer will enjoy them, too. Avoid dog-ears, tearing pages and please do not write anything into instructions.

Disassembling and returning the set

For the return, completely disassemble the set into its individual parts. Sort the parts by colour and use the bags in which you received the parts at starting the rental. Please do not remove any stickers on the parts.

When disassembling the model, use your hands or a brick separator to separate the bricks. Never use a knife, metal tool or other sharp object. These could damage the bricks.

The rented set is the property of brictric. During the rental period, please treat the model as if it were your property. The next customer wants to have the same pleasure as you.

Please return the dismantled set to brictric in the same box that you received from us. Use the cable ties provided to reseal the box before handing it over to the parcel service. Do not forget to attach the return label.

Please remember to return the box in good time so that we receive the set at the end of the rental period and can pass it on punctually.

Dismantling by brictric?

Logo Dismantling

Don’t want to disassemble the set yourself? No problem, we’ll do it for you. In this case, please select the dismantling service when booking (“Dismantle/dismount by brictric”) or book it later during the rental period (in the shop).

If the rental set does not arrive completely disassembled and you haven’t booked the “Dismantle/dismount by brictric” service, we have to charge you the full amount afterwards.

Bricks lost?

We are aware that bricks can get lost. We are flexible with our return check if bricks are missing. However, to protect us from abuse, we have arranged that the loss of up to a maximum of 10 bricks is covered and therefore free of charge for you.

If more than 10 bricks are missing, we have to charge you for our expenses and the missing bricks.

However, this rule only applies to bricks and not to electronic parts and other accessories such as motors, electronic figures, manuals, paper instructions and illustration material as well as programmable parts. If brictric discovers that such parts or more than 10 bricks are missing upon return, we have to charge a surcharge corresponding to the value of the missing materials and expenses in order to replace them.

MIssing bricks

We do our best to keep our sets complete. Nevertheless, it can happen that you do not find a brick during the building process. In this case, it is usually possible to continue building without any problems. However, it could be the case that an essential brick is missing.

In both cases, we ask you to send an email to Please make a copy of the relevant page of the building instructions beforehand, mark the missing brick on this copy and send it via email. If important bricks are missing, they will be sent to you free of charge.

Classification of sets

In the description of each set we included a classification of the set as “Starter”, “Medium” or “Expert”, which serves as a guide.

You can choose “Starter” sets without hesitation, you don’t need any previous experience in building brick sets.

Medium” sets are also suitable for beginners, although one or the other building step may be a little trickier.

For “Expert” sets, we recommend that you have experience in building bricks sets.

Motor / Remote Control (RC)

You can find out whether a set is motorised and remote-controlled (RC) in the sets description.

RC models come with the required motors and battery pack (without batteries) or accu pack (with USB charging cable).

Cancellation terms

The booking of a rental set can be cancelled at any time. Up to 14 days before the start of the rental 50% of the booking will be refunded, less than 14 days no refund applies.